Best Early Learning Books For Toddlers

Early learning and development is something that most parents will try to encourage with their children to help them prepare for school and make them feel more comfortable. One of the ways of doing this is with early learning books, which are designed to introduce core concepts to children at early pre-school years so that they get used to them before any teaching has begun. We'll be looking at a variety of different types of early learning books below, so let's dive in!

Best Early Learning Books For Toddlers

When To Start Early Learning

Early Learning can be achieved through a variety of different ways; whether it's the use of toys to help understand problem solving skills, activities with other children for socialising skills or through books which introduce core concepts like the alphabet and numbers. All of these devices have different age ranges for when to use them and there is never a bad time to start getting your toddlers ready for learning.

Early Learning books can teach many things and concepts such as the alphabet, reading and numbers are not going to be suitable for really young babies. However, there are books that are great for really young children, including pictures books that can help shape stories in young minds and sticker books which allow children to improve their sensory and motor skills.

The huge variety in books will target very specific elements of your child's early learning. Most books will have their own reading age limit on the front, so you can easily figure out whether a book is suitable to your child. Of course, you'll need to use your own judgement too as children develop at different rates and so you may find your child struggles with certain concepts even if the book age range is relevant.

Early Learning Book Types

Here are some different types of early learning books that you can get your hands on and also what they do in terms of developing your child's skills.

  • Activity Books: Learn how to tell the time, the alphabet, numbers
  • Beginner Reading Books: Books for early learning reading
  • Tracing and Drawing Books: Learn different shapes and lines
  • Sensory Books: Improve touch and sound senses with these types of books

There are plenty more too!

The reading age for children starts at around age 5, though the early years 3 and above are when children start developing their skills for learning to read, so it's critical to encourage your child to look at books as they grow up. Reading to children before bed is a great way to start introducing them to books and getting them interested in reading themselves. At around age 7 most children will be reading in school, so getting a head start can really benefit your child.

Best Early Learning Books For Toddlers

We have chosen a selection of different types of early learning books below that toddlers will greatly benefit from as they grow up and start attending school. Start boosting your child's development and education today!

First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level A

First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level A

If you want to start helping your child start to learn to read, then this box set includes 25 different books for you to read. All of these books are guided to reading level A, with most of the books filled with pictures and one line of text to read. Great for your child to start practising words or even a simple night time story. With 25 different titles, you'll never get bored!


25 different books
Reading Level A
Pictures and Simple Text
Wipe Clean: Early Learning Activity Book

Wipe Clean: Early Learning Activity Book

Early Learning Books are great for practising a whole host of skills and this activity book allows you to wipe clean the work you've done using board markers. This book includes activities for practising numbers, motor skills and writing skills. The book is for ages 4+ and produced by Priddy Learning, who have created over 200 learning books for young people.


Wipe Clean
Activities for numbers & writing
Age 4+
First 100 Words

First 100 Words

This book will help your child learn their first 100 words, using simple pictures and practising voicing them out. First words are ideal for babies and toddlers, getting them up to speed with common words and pictures that they will start to recognise in their lives. The book is sturdy enough to resist damage and sticky fingers.


Learn 100 words
Ideal for babies and toddlers
Sturdy Book
ABC & 123 Learning Songs: Interactive Children's Sound Book

ABC & 123 Learning Songs: Interactive Children's Sound Book

Singing and Learning is a interactive children's book that lets toddlers and preschoolers learn the alphabet, counting and more with 10 different learning songs. On the right side of the book our buttons to press that will play the songs and inside the book you'll find all the lyrics and beautiful illustrations to help your child learn the words. Learning songs helps build motor skills and is very educational too.


Plays Learning Songs
Lyrics inside the book
Helps develop motor skills + learning
Coolplay Baby First Nontoxic Soft Cloth Book Set

Coolplay Baby First Nontoxic Soft Cloth Book Set

This set of 8 cloth books are perfect for introducing your toddler to new concepts such as shapes, animals, foor and color. There are 8 books in total and they are made of tear-resistant fabric that is durable and washable. The pages within are crinkly and make rustle noises for baby's attention and are incredibly soft so you don't have to worry about sharp edges.


8 Books
Made from cloth (non-toxic)
Can be washed

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